Sigma Rule Format & Learnings


BluSapphire SIEM platform enables support for writing and deploy custom SIGMA rules from within BluSapphire Portal. This document is meant for Security Analysts & IT/System Administrators to help answer queries that he/she may have while writing Sigma rule.

What is Sigma?

While we've Snort rules for detecting Network Traffic, Yara Signatures for identifying suspicious files, consider Sigma rules for searching/pattern matching through log data. Sigma is a generic and open signature format that allows analysts to write & describe searches on log data in a straightforward manner. These rules can be converted and applied to many log management or SIEM systems. Writing Sigma rules is easy and follows the YAML format, which is quite flexible to accommodate custom fields.

Note: Sigma specifications may change over time with versions, in case of any missing or new attribute, please refer to the official SIGMA specifications wiki available at SIGMAHQ with frequent updates.

The following pages will help empower your abilities in understanding Sigma format and use them effectively to write/edit Detections.

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